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“Your small to medium scale business needs your full attention to stay afloat. What if you could dump ALL your IT burdens on us, and actually focus on growing your business? We are the bridge, we make it possible...
Sean Atkinson, President

Who we are

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Making your wildest tech dreams come true

Your business means the world to you; beyond being your passion, it’s what pays the bills. Any hitch in technology affects not just your mood, but also your take-home to the family. Frankly, being a small to medium scale business owner is tough; being the only one who fully gets how things should run, but with not enough time or technical know-how to make operations seamless. We’re here to change this.

The cost of hiring a technical team will crush your business. That’s why we want to become your all-in-one technical partner; giving you the results of a full-time team of tech experts, without the cost of staffing. With well over 14 years of hands-on experience (over 40,320 hours of active, professional tech support), you can be rest assured your IT is in safe and capable hands.

We’re taking on everything; from optimizing your internet speed; to a solid break/fix plan; to backing up your data in real time; to setting up an effective work-from-anywhere model; to bulletproofing your data security; to much more! Our goal is to make sure you can always focus on the needle-moving activities of your business (or even a vacation with the family!) without having to worry about your IT.

History of the MSP: Started in IT because independently. Wanted to work in a business to business kind of environment. As a kid, parents were divorced, so often went to their work places. Dad school of english, mom - moves to madrid at middle-east airlines. Be in Madrid, see his dad in Christmas. Going to offices, talk to people about life and help them with their problems. Their problems used to be IT. Make enough money to work half-days so the other half-day could be spent on environmental issues. So, work independently so you don't pay taxes. Helped dad, he offered courses in programming. Telecom degree, bachelors and masters in business, Started teaching and this, 3 years later. In 2002.

If they also help individuals / retail: No

Target industries & if they want to focus on them: General, anything related to airports and ports. Supplying to naval. marine operations.

Which services customers are looking to buy: Most people are looking for break/fix. They want to have someone they can depend on for everything IT related.

Ideal size of customer in endpoints: 5-50

The big promise: Comfort. Reliability. Champagne from the skies. Toyota Kamri - is the better Ford. Completely covers for 10 years. 1 thing to add: promise: critical thinking to make decisions (avoiding jargon and call to prestige and call to popularity). (appeal to emotion and rational choices)

Things his customers love about him: Continuity. Already familiar with everything. Speak Spanish. Multi-lingual.

What is he better at than the competition: Do the work themselves. Continuity. Know who you are getting. Interpret IT for business owners. Their industry-lingo, not IT. No need to shield in jargon. Makes business sense, for their business. It's always for rational reason; not about prestige. Clear communication. Can sit with them and consult effectively.

What makes him incredible: -

Our specialties

A consistent IT partner with full insight

Instead of getting random employees attending to you per call, you get our top tech expert and president, Sean. Sean takes the time to fully understand your business model and goals; so that whenever you have a request, he knows exactly where you left off and can handle the situation instantly.

Bulletproof your tech infrastructure

We go all out to provide you with cutting edge technology that ensures minimal downtime. So whether its a threat from sophisticated hackers or a hurricane or unexpected power loss or a randomly damaged internet cable; you can be certain that your business operations will continue unaffected. No more concerns of losing money whenever there's a storm, we set up your IT to keep you going.

Biggest problems of customers: terrible internet, regulatory compliance issues, IT-guy not performing well, current MSP not performing well, data management, processes are terrible. Tell me about what THEY FEEL their biggest problems are. Most helpdesks are going to have a different person every time they call. With ITS, it's always Sean. He knows the entire company and all the details.

Accreditations worth mentioning: -

Most important things to a customer: Price. Both. Clear consultancy =/ not optimization. When you frequently work with someone, it becomes clear what they need. Dealing with same person.

Which local regions you serve?: Thirty minute drive from my house. Area of South Browuard. Hollywood, Fort Lautardale, Davie, Dania, Pembrooke Park (check spelling on all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Extra information on market: Geographic proximity might be relevant.

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Claire Schour
Aluminum of Florida

"I have nothing but high praise for Sean. He is so capable and so intelligent. Whatever he does on our system, he does it well. When he fixes something, it is fixed - no return visits. He is a fine man and I would recommend him to anybody looking for an IT specialist."

“Whatever Sean does on our system, he does it well. When he fixes something, it is fixed”
I have nothing but high praise for Sean. Whatever he does on our system, he does it well. When he fixes something, it is fixed - no return visits. He is a fine man and I would recommend him to anybody looking for an IT specialist."
Claire Schour, Aluminum of Florida

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