Secure data access; anytime, anywhere.

Your data is the lifeblood of your company, and keeping it safe and secure should be topmost priority. After all, computer systems will fail, but as long as you can access and work with your data, business will keep thriving.

We provide secure anytime, anywhere access to your data and protection from the impact of ransomware attacks.

Tailored to suit your business

We design a back-up strategy to fit your small business perfectly; depending on your risk-factor. This way, you receive a back-up solution that is tailored to your specific profile. Regardless of the amount of data you need backed-up, we ensure you’re covered.

Protection from ransomware impact

Our backup services utilize the latest data protection technologies. Using these innovations, we provide world class security to small and medium scale businesses. For example, we can create a secure vault of critical data that is isolated from ransomware, yet accessible to the business.

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Seamless backup process

We save your data securely to our hybrid backup solution seamlessly, while you work. It is an automated process that doesn’t intrude on your workflow. Your data gets securely backed up in realtime, without you having to pause your work for a second.

Sam Porter
VP of Operations at Organic Essentials

“We went into a storm, knowing we were fully protected. We never second guessed our IT infrastructure, because we knew that it was secure. In previous years we had to shut down our systems before and during the storm, this year everything was up and running the whole time.”

“We went into a storm, knowing we were fully protected.”

Speedy Recovery; peace of mind

You can be at ease, knowing that your business is able to bounce back near-instantly from any form of data-corruption, and that you have a support and engineering team in your corner who will ensure that your downtime is reduced to the barest minimum.

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Let’s take your Data Backup and Security to the next level

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