IT Infrastructure

Avoid frustrations, costly downtime and ensure maximum compatibility between your systems.

We assist in planning and installing your new IT infrastructure, so you can enjoy optimal results and value.

Project planning

Avoid future downtime, achieve maximum value for money and ensure that your hardware has the exact right amount of power necessary.

  • An office environment that exhilarates your team
  • Increased productivity, stability and satisfaction

Computers, firewalls, WiFi, giant screens, etc.

Leverage our long-lasting relationships with hardware suppliers to receive high-value, professional equipment, built to last.

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Jim Airaghi
Nutritional Alliance

"We have had the pleasure of working with Immediate Tech Support and Sean Atkinson for over 6 years now, and we could not be more satisfied with the excellent and reliable service on all of our company and personal computers and servers."

“We could not be more satisfied with the excellent and reliable service

Cloud solutions

Consultancy and project planning

We evaluate your organization and weigh the positives and negatives of possible technologies, as well as the complementary benefits which can be attained during a transfer to/from cloud, such as data-restructuring.

Migration from servers to cloud & vice-versa

Our migrations cause minimal company downtime during the transfer to- and from cloud. We organize the hardware, restructure and (de-)centralize data, as well as organize back-ups.

Work from anywhere with 'remote deskops'

Rather than only storing your data on the cloud, consider migrating your organizations' desktop computers. This allows you to gain access to work files in a secure environment from any location, structures your data and ensures it is sufficiently backed up and protected from attacks.

Telephony and VoiP

Whether you want a simple menu, or a full-blown smart VoIP solution, we have done it many times before.

Simultaneous conversations on a single phone number
Fail-safes ensure reliability, even if the internet drops
Crisp, clear sound
Call from any device
Reduce costs by up to 50%
Conference calls with 3+ people


We specialize in providing network cabling solutions that are certifiably reliable and possess solid infrastructures, allowing us to provide our clientele with high quality telecommunications and network cabling solutions.

  • Our cabling experts deliver work in accordance with industry best practices.

Security cameras

A properly installed video surveillance system is one of the most important long-term investments a company can make to closely monitor everyone’s safety.

Investing in surveillance cameras may deter intruders from entering secured areas and help observe employee productivity by holding them accountable for actions at work.

  • Access Control Prevent: we guard against unauthorized access to resources and key areas of your facility
  • Video Surveillance Advanced: the technology to monitor key areas of your facility

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We ensure a worry-free environment and the ability to capture opportunities.
IT Management